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May is for Mothers

Calling all moms to a very special Faith-Sharing event catered to the caring hearts of mothers:

Tuesday, May 4, 7:00 pm on Zoom—or stop by here!—to hear Fr Jerome’s talk and invitation to share your faith with others, starting right at home. Whether your children are age two or sixty-two, a mother’s faith and her love for her children are wound together in divinely inspired ways. Hear how your faith and your motherhood can bring souls to Christ. Register at

…and Men, too!

This is, after all, the Year of St Joseph!

Dads, we know your day is in June (don’t worry—we’re thinking BBQ for then!)… but all men—not only dads– can take the lead now in hearing Fr. Jerome’s talk and an invitation to Faith-sharing catered to the generous hearts of men on Monday, May 3, 7:00 pm on Zoom—or come by here! Hear how your unique influence can inspire deeper faith for yourself and those around you. Register at