Pray Serve Socialize


Do you enjoy the purples of Advent & Lent and the bright whites of Christmas & Easter that adorn our sacred spaces? Or perhaps your love of the outdoors attracts you to our rose garden with shrine to Mary Immaculate. And who doesn’t love seeing the Nativity Scene at Christmas and smelling the lilies at Easter?…. Plus, videography/livestream has become a new and more widely accepted way to experience the beauty of our faith– a whole new view!

The PRAY, SERVE, SOCIALIZE model of parish life is taking off, and we have an event planned especially for YOU. You are invited to hear a special presentation by our Pastor, Fr. Jerome Cudden, OP and be invited to share with one another about our faith and how beauty inspires us. Whether indoors or out, Christ is present in all his glory. Let’s get together to share and be energized in this opportunity to PRAY, SERVE, and yes, even SOCIALIZE together! P.S. If you have ever been, or are interested in learning about, the ministries of Sacristan, Altar Society, Liturgical Art & Environment, Buildings & Grounds, Parish Web-Design, Photography, or Broadcasting/Livestreaming/Audio-Visual (for churches) this one’s for you! And even if you’ve never heard of some of those ministries before, ALL ARE WELCOME!

Two Options:
Monday, February 22, 7:00 pm—8:30 pm on Zoom

Saturday, February 27, 9:45 am—11:15 am LIVE and on Zoom (simultaneously in-person and virtual, your choice of mode of participation).

Monday, February 22
Saturday, February 27—