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9:00 am Mon-Sat    Morning Mass
9:45 am Sat            Pray Serve Socialize
10:00 am Tue          Parish Bible Study
12:00 pm Thur        Laudato Si' Zoom
3:00 pm Mon-Fri     Prayer Opportunity
3:30 pm Fri              Parish Bible Study
6:30 pm Mon-Thur  Rosary
6:30 pm Fri              Stations of the Cross
7:00 pm Mon-Wed  Parish Bible Study
7:00 pm Mon            Pray Serve Socialize

Mass Schedule

Weekdays (Mon-Sat): 9:00 am Outdoors
Saturday Vigil: 3:30 pm Outdoors
Sunday: 9:00 am Outdoors
10:00 am Outdoors
3:30 pm Outdoors

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Saint Raymond Parish is a community united by our Catholic Faith as disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through ongoing personal and communal conversion to Christ and a deeper commitment to the mission Jesus gives each of us to preach the Gospel. The Sacred Scriptures and sacraments of the Church sustain us. We dedicate ourselves to Truth and strive to grow in love of God and our neighbor through community, prayer, study, and service, as we work by grace to build up in one another and share freely with others the abundance of magnificent gifts God has given us.

We count on your gifts to support
our parish all year round!

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Latest Live Stream