Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers

Lectors proclaim the Word of God during Mass. This ministry  is for confirmed Catholics in full communion with the Church.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (often shortened to “extraordinary minister” or EM) are  laypersons who are commissioned by the Church to distribute Holy Communion either during Mass or in bringing it to the sick. This ministry sis for  confirmed Catholics in full communion with the Church.

Lectors and EMs will receive initial hands-on training which includes both the theology and spirituality of the ministry as well as its practical aspects.  Quick Guides for Ministers of the Host, Ministers of the Cup,  and Lectors provide detailed checklists for ministers and are updated as needed.

Formation in these ministries is an ongoing process. Annual half-day retreats are held to explore aspects of the spirituality of the ministries, to discuss practical matters and just to continue to build these important communities.

Formal but flexible scheduling enables ministers and parish staff to effectively manage these important ministries. To find out more about potential involvement contact Charles Seagren at cseagren@straymondmp.org

Begin the process now by filling out the  EM & Lector Form and drop it off at the Parish Office, email it to parishoffice@straymondmp.org, or fax to 650-326-7471.